The Catholic Church

I consider myself fortunate to have been baptized into the Catholic Church as an infant. I attended Catholic schools in Memphis and completed two years at Loyola University in New Orleans, a first-rate institution operated by the Jesuits.  I was ordained a permanent Deacon for the Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee on March 2, 2000.

I worked for the Diocese of Memphis for several years, doing "canon law stuff," primarily marriage annulments.  I drafted about 150 decisions during that time.  I retired in 2006.  Although I had thought I wanted to be retired for most of my working life, I discovered to my astonishment that I hated it.

So I "unretired" in 2008 and taught at Immaculate Conception Cathedral High School for five years. I taught American Government & Politics, AP American Government & Politics, Sociology, AP United States History, and two sections of Scripture Studies. I also taught a Criminal Justice class in 2009, and taught standard United States History for a year. I also helped out at the Cathedral at school liturgies and served as faculty advisor for the Mock Trial Team.  I retired again at the end of the 2012-2013 school year.  I loved my time at Immaculate Conception, but I believe I can make retirement stick this time.

One of my favorite places is the Trappist Monastery in Kentucky. I try to visit there each year, just before Christmas. A few days' silent retreat with the monks really settles me down and helps me prepare for Christmas and the new year to come. The Trappists are members of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance.

Anything I might present here has already been published by people who can do a far better job than I might do. For excellent Catholic apologetics, I recommend:

The Beggar King website

The EWTN website

Attention Anti-Catholics: if you are an anti-Catholic troll and are considering contacting me to challenge my faith with some sort of anti-Catholic drivel, don't bother. I'm simply not interesting in hearing (again!) why I should "call no man father," or why you erroneously believe that I "worship" Mary or "bow down to the Pope," or any of that kind of tedious nonsense. I've heard it all a thousand times before. Really, I have. And it's simply not true. Nope, sorry, it's not. You didn't invent it, and neither did your "pastor." Trust me -- there is nothing you could say that hasn't already been refuted centuries ago by people a lot smarter than you are.

I do find it interesting that anti-Catholicism is one of the last remaining socially acceptable bigotries, but I no longer have time for it.

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