Cajun Wisdom

Boudreaux calls FBI. The phone is answered.

Boudreaux say, "Is dis de FBI?" "Yes." Boudreaux say, "I need to report my neighbor, Plaisance. He hidin' marijuana in his firewood." "Thank you."

The next day, the FBI descends on Plaisance' homestead and searches the firewood shed. They use axes to bust open every piece of firewood there but they find nothing. They curse at Plaisance and leave.

Shortly after, Boudreaux calls Plaisance. "Hey, cher, did de FBI come?" Plaisance say, "Yeah! Dey did a good job chopping my firewood."

Boudreaux say, "Good. Your turn. Tell 'em I got marijuana in my field. I needs my garden plowed."

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