Irish Humor

A priest stood at the church door greeting the parishioners after mass.

"Good morning Mr. and Mrs. O'Riley. I married you ten years ago, but I never see any of your children in church."

"Deed you did, father. We've not been blessed. My husband and I have tried, but we've not been successful," said Mrs. O'Riley.

"I'm going to Rome for a few years sabbatical." said the priest. "I'll light a candle for you in the great cathedral at the Vatican. Perhaps the Holy Mother will look kindly on you and your husband."

Several years later, back at the church door, greeting parishioners, the priest meets Mrs. O'Riley.

"Mrs. O'Riley, did you ever have any children?"

"Deed I did, Father,"she said pointing to a family behind her. "We've had a set of triplets, a set of twins and two singles since we last saw you."

"Praise be to the Holy Mother. She's blessed you. But I don't see Mr. O'Riley. Is he here?"

"No. He's gone to Rome to blow out your candle."

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